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About Us

Order Sons of Italy in America

Our great order was founded on June 22, 1905, by Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro and a group of 5 compatriots; was brought to our state when a Grand Lodge was established in 1914; and our lodge was established in 1970. The motto of our order throughout its history has always been "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." The purpose of our order is to enroll all eligible persons so that we may successfully promote national education, secure adequate laws for the benefit of our members, encourage the dissemination of Italian culture in the United States and Canada, to organize programs for patriotic and humanitarian purposes and to combat discrimination while protecting and upholding the positive image and the prestige of the people of Italian heritage in the United States and Canada.

Burlington Sons of Italy

The Burlington Sons of Italy invites all those of Italian descent, either through birth or marriage, to join the membership of the Order of Sons of Italy in America. The Burlington Lodge meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 in the Senior Center of the �Council on Aging� at 61 Center Street in Burlington.

In 1905, our founder, physician Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro spoke to a crowd of cheering Italian immigrants gathered in New York�s Little Italy and told them of his vision to unite under one umbrella all the Italians who had arrived on the great shores of America. And so was born�L�Ordine Figli d�Italia in America�.

Dr. Sellaro�s plea that day was for those Italian Americans to take their rightful place of influence and respect in society. His dream was that this country would become richer and more cultured as a result of the contributions of Italian immigrants and their descendents. Today Italian Americans are leaders in business, law, education, medicine, research, engineering, civic and political life, and more. He would be proud today to see we have realized his dream.

The Massachusetts Grand Lodge was established in 1914 and the Burlington Lodge #2223 was established in 1970. The motto of our Order throughout its history always has been �Liberty, Equality and Fraternity�.

Liberty: We want a free country as conceived by the founders of the republic. We want freedom of assembly, of speech, of opportunity, and above all, economic freedom.

Equality: We believe that all people are created equal, that all are equal before the law and that the law should protect all equally and that none should have or enjoy any special privileges.

Fraternity: The structure if our order is founded upon our conception of fraternity and we affectionately offer a hand to all without discrimination as to race, color or creed. We believe in brotherhood and that the state was created to serve its citizens, and not vice versa.

Our Burlington Lodge is a cross section of our community and is involved in a diverse set of community activities and charitable efforts. For example, we provide scholarships to deserving graduates of Burlington High School. Other charitable efforts consist of annual donations from money raised at our fund-raising events to the National Alzheimer�s Association, Cooley�s Anemia (Thalassemia- a group of genetic disorders), Don Orione Home and Madonna Queen Shrine for elderly men and women in need of extended medical care and Casa Monte Cassino, whose humanitarian mission is to provide free housing and vital services to those who have brought their blind infants for treatment in hopes of addressing and curing retinopathy.

In the spring of 2006 we were chosen to have the honor of hosting a group of handicapped children from�Laboratorio Teatrale Integrato-Piero Gabrielli� of Rome. We had a �welcome dinner� for the group, which included many dignitaries from the Italian Consulate. The children visited with our lodge and entertained folks at an event held at Burlington High School.

In addition to joining a dynamic organization that works to preserve and enrich the Italian culture, there are social events planned throughout the year that bring us all together in friendship. The sole requirement to join the order Sons of Italy in America as a participating member is to be of Italian heritage in your bloodline or be married to one who has such a heritage. Non-Italians are also eligible to join as an associate member but without voting privileges. Annual dues are $40.

For more information, contact our president at 781-272-0529. You may also contact us at bsoilodge2223@aol.com

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